a class project and some fun music!

So this blog is a product of a class assignment and as the class has progressed, we have been given various assignments to go along with the topics our blogs focus on. If you couldn’t tell, my project has been about the treatment of women around the world by the media and various cultures. I … Continue reading

“New Domesticity”?

As a result of feminism ideology that persisted during the past few generations, the female fight for gender equality has resulted in a decline in skills and disciplines that used to be the hallmarks of a “good woman” in days past. Things like sewing, cooking, cleaning, baking, and decorating had become such a required set … Continue reading

Jenna Marbles – What Disney Movies Taught Me

DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF PROFANITY OFFENDS YOU Jenna Marbles, while vulgar and generally offensive, is an entertainer, blogger, and social media celebrity, is notable for the videos she posts every Wednesday on YouTube where she comments on topics affecting her fans and society at large. The video posted above is Marbles’ tirade against … Continue reading

hypersex, girls, and college life.

If you were to step foot on a college campus at 11:30 at night, you would be shocked at what you see. Girls everywhere – and pretty ones. Girls in dresses so short you can see their butt cheeks, jeans so tight they can’t possibly breathe, and heels so high they can barely walk. It’s … Continue reading

The GOP and Women

If you have any tendencies toward feminism, I’m sure you’ve been a little irked by the current political climate in our country. While it can be considered an advancement that women are even bold enough to run for president in this day and age, it is atrocious to see the way these candidates are treated. … Continue reading

7 Girls Fighting for Girls

Girls, take heart! There are women – powerful and beautiful women – that are striving to change the face of women’s rights and women’s health in our world. Here are 7 of them. This is Leymah Gbowee. She won the Nobel Prize in 2011. She believes in the power of women. She advocates for non-violence, for … Continue reading