Separating Violence and Education for Girls

In schools all over the world, women and girls face problems. In American schools, girls are taught too quickly to compete against each other, to undermine the success of other women so they can get ahead. American girls are also presented with the paradox that the must both be beautiful, popular, thin and smart, but … Continue reading

“New Domesticity”?

As a result of feminism ideology that persisted during the past few generations, the female fight for gender equality has resulted in a decline in skills and disciplines that used to be the hallmarks of a “good woman” in days past. Things like sewing, cooking, cleaning, baking, and decorating had become such a required set … Continue reading

hypersex, girls, and college life.

If you were to step foot on a college campus at 11:30 at night, you would be shocked at what you see. Girls everywhere – and pretty ones. Girls in dresses so short you can see their butt cheeks, jeans so tight they can’t possibly breathe, and heels so high they can barely walk. It’s … Continue reading

joan jacobs brumberg

          Joan Jacobs Brumberg is one of the top prizefighters in the arena of women’s rights. A celebrated professor at Cornell University, Brumberg has been writing about the struggles of women since 1988. Her first book Fasting Girls: The History of Anorexia Nervosa, was highly acclaimed and won Brumberg great esteem … Continue reading

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

The phrase “what makes a woman beautiful” is the main argument of the piece. It asks the audience to consider what feminine characteristics they associate with beauty and challenges them to consider that physical attributes are not the only things that can be beautiful about a woman. I chose not to include a question mark … Continue reading